Peter rabbit

1. It's christmas and peter has to deliver all food

2.peter lies and it makes puddle duck go into mr.tod's house,peter competes against the squirrel's for his own hideout.

3.peter and his gang have to find a place to eat their radishes, peter turns mr.tod and tommy brock against eachother

4.benjamin leads the crew when finding strawberries,peter agrees to help mr.tod

5.peter accidently brings mr.MCgregors cat home, lily gets caught in mr.tods trap


7, peter has to watch misses puddle duck's egg, mr . mcgregor captures intire squirrel tribe

8,benjamin finds 4 leaf clover peter makes stuff happen for him then lily uses it to get her item back from mr.tod but it doesn't work so she is n danger, cottontail,lily,benjamin, and peter have a feast while mr. MCgregor is away.

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