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Tommy Brock.

Tommy Brock is a grouchy badger and Mr. Tod's enemy from Peter Rabbit (TV Series). He hates when his things are stolen and when is bothered. When either of those happen to him, he will want to harm the animal that did it to him.


Tommy Brock is normally very grouchy; whenever anyone disturbs him, he gets really angry. This has happened a few times when the rabbits accidently wake him up from his naps or disturb his meals of slimy, delicious worms that he loves to eat. He normally collects junk, searches the soil for worms, or, on one occasion, getting the rabbits to clean his smelly old boots!

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tommy Brock wears raggedy-looking, old clothing: a green jacket with a hat to match, and old trousers. He normally carries around a burlap sack with him.


Tommy Brock's Gallery


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