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Squirrel Nutkin is Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail's squirrel friend and Old Brown's enemy.

Personal AppearanceEdit

Nutkin is a red squirrel who has a missing tail, taken from Old Brown.


Squirrel Nutkin is very mischievous and loves to have fun with Peter and his friends or his friends of the squirrel tribe. He lives in the Squirrel Camp in the treetops and loves hazelnuts, acrobatics, pinecone bowling, snowball fights, and just mischief-making.


Nutkin is Peter's squirrel friend who saves Peter whenever he gets captured by Mr. Tod. His tail was pulled off by Old Brown.

Above the world that the rabbits inhabit lives a squadron of squirrels who rule the upper canopy with a fascinating disorderly lifestyle. Above the treetops there are no rules. Anything goes. Their leader, Squirrel Nutkin, is excitable, funny and animated, He's an agile and comical trickster who loves to taunt and confuse the inhabitants of the wood.


Trivia Edit

  • He can be quite bossy, as his friend, Felix, does most everything for him.