Peter Rabbit
Vital statistics
Position Leader
Age 7
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height ---
Weight 1-30 pounds
Catchphrase "A Good Rabbit Never Gives Up!"

Peter Rabbit is a main protagonist from Peter Rabbit (TV Series). Peter is 7 year old a boy male rabbit who wants to grow up to be just like his father. Peter lives with his mother Mrs. Josephine Rabbit, and 3 female rabbit sisters named Flopsy Rabbit, Mopsy Rabbit, and Cotton-Tail Rabbit underneath a tree in a hidden family rabbit burrow. With the help of his two best friends, Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail they set out to have their own adventures even greater than his dad's were. Peter loves to be in the woods outside forever and he's a rabbit now.


Peter is very adventurous,brave, loyal, mischievous, resilient, clever, and kind. When every his friends or family is in trouble or wishes to help Cotton-Tail Rabbit he does everything he can to help them, and he also put everyone else's needs before his own. He can be a bit overprotective of his little 2 year old sister, Cotton-Tail Rabbit, who keeps following him on adventures she stays in the burrow with Flopsy Mopsy and Mrs.Josephine Rabbit He has constantly shown to have an affectionate side to his personality when it came to Lily. Peter Rabbit and his friends cough in the tale of the Lost Tunnels episode and he comforts his cousin Benjamin Bunny in the tale of the big move. Flopsy & Mopsy take care of Cotton-Tail while Peter and his friends get a jar of glowworms for Cotton-Tail's nightlight in the tale of the Dash in the dark.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Peter is a young rabbit with light brown fur, brown eyes wearing a blue jacket that once belonged to his father. But in the first episode Peter use to wear a red jacket and he also carries a greenish-brown satchel that holds his father's journal.

List of AppearancesEdit

  1. Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale
  2. The Tale the Radish Robber/The Tale of Two Enemies
  3. The Tale of Benjamin's Strawberry Raid/The Tale of the Lying Fox
  4. The Tale of the Greedy Fox/The Tale of the Secret Treehouse
  5. The Tale of the Angry Cat/The Tale of Mr. Tod's Trap
  6. The Tale of Nutkin on the Run/The Tale of the Wriggly Worms
  7. The Tale of Jemima's Egg/The Tale of the Great Breakout
  8. The Tale of the Lucky Four Leaf Clover/The Tale of the Unguarded Garden
  9. The Tale of the Start of Spring
  10. The Tale of the Big Move/The Tale of the Lost Tunnels
  11. The Tale of the Dash in the Dark/The Tale of the Grumpy Owl
  12. The Tale of the Down Hill Escape/The Tale of the Cat and the Rat
  13. The Tale of the Mother's Day Pie/The Tale of the Mystery Plum Thief
  14. The Tale of the Hazelnut Raid/The Tale of the Broken Bed
  15. The Tale of the Hero Rabbit/The Tale of the Falling Rock
  16. The Tale of the One That Got Away/The Tale of Cotton-tail's New Friend
  17. The Tale of the Runaway Kites/The Tale of the Surprising Sisters
  18. The Tale of the Giant Pumpkin/The Tale of the Fierce Bad Rabbit



Mrs. Josephine RabbitEdit

Peter and his mother have a very good relationship, she supports him on his adventures and is very proud of her son for all that he does. Peter often get in to trouble trying to items for his mother and family, such as berries or vegetables so they can eat. In the burrow, His mother watches Flopsy Mopsy and Cotton-Tail while Peter Rabbit and his friends go adventures.

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Flopsy RabbitEdit

Flopsy and Peter don't seem to have a very close relationship with each other, mostly due to the fact that Peter loves to go on adventure with his friends and Flopsy likes to hang around her twin 10 year old sister, Mopsy. On the other hand (or fore paw), she does seem to care about him since whenever he is in trouble she worries about him, and Peter can be protective of her whenever she is in danger and wishes to help Cotton-Tail in the tale of the dash in the dark.

Mopsy RabbitEdit

Just like her twin sister Mopsy doesn't seem to have a very close relationship with her brother Peter either. Although just like her twin sister she does care about Peter whenever he is in trouble and she can also be protective of her whenever she is in danger or take care of their little sister, Cotton-Tail.

Cotton-Tail RabbitEdit

Peter and Cotton-Tail have a very close big brother and little sister relationship. Peter is very protective of his little sister whenever she comes on an adventure with him and his friends and always makes sure to look out for her. Cotton-Tail seems to look up to her big brother and often wants to get into mischief with him so Flopsy & Mopsy always take care of their little sister Cotton-Tail gave Peter strawberries.

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Benjamin BunnyEdit

Peter and Benjamin are cousin but also best friends with each other. They always go on adventures with one another, but Peter is more outgoing than Benjamin is. Benjamin mostly follows Peter's lead and goes wherever Peter does.

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Lily BobtailEdit

Peter and Lily are a couple and will always try to protect each other when they go on an adventure. When the two first met Peter did not like Lily, but he harbored special feelings for her, but he just didn't know it in the beginning. After their adventure, while introducing her to his mom, Peter called Lily his girlfriend.

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Squirrel NutkinEdit

Peter and Nutkin seem to have known each other for a long time and are very close friends. Whenever Nutkin is in trouble Peter is always willing to help him get out of it. Nutkin also saves Peter from time to time, mostly when Mr. Tod is chasing Peter.


Mr. TodEdit

Peter and Mr. Tod do not get along at all due to the fact that Mr. Tod wants to eat Peter and his friends for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Peter is willing to help Mr. Tod when he is in trouble, but Mr. Tod always tricks him right afterwards.


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  • Peter wants to be just like his father.
  • In "Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale," it's revealed that before Peter wore his father's blue jacket he had his own but in red.
    • It was in this episode that Peter received his father's journal.
  • His favorite pie is mixed berries.
  • Peter knows where Mr. Tod's secret black berry bush is.
  • In "The Tale of the Brewing Storm," Peter hates chamomile tea.


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