Angry Mr. Tod.

Mr. Tod is a main antagonist from Peter Rabbit (TV Series). He is a red fox who eats ducks, squirrels, and his favorite, rabbits. Mr. Tod is always chasing Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, and Lily Bobtail around the forest trying to eat them for dinner, and if he finds a different animal that he wants to eat they always mange to stop him. He is very fancy and is very clean. He is voiced by Mark Huckerby.


Mr. Tod is very devious, cunning, and is always trying to catch the rabbits throughout the show. Whenever he spots the rabbits, he chases them until they manage to escape. He sometimes succeeds, but Peter and his friends eventually outsmart him and get away. He also loved being beautiful and elegant, but hated the idea when he gets muddy or falls into the lake water. He is aggressive and domineering when pursuing Peter and his friends but is also easily scared, and rather cowardly when confronted by a similar sized advisary such as Mr Brock.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mr. Tod generally appears like normal red foxes, with orange fur, brown paws, and a white tail tip. He also bares a scar on his right eye. His clothing consists of a white shirt, orange cravat, green waistcoat, red-violet tweed jacket, tan trousers, however no footware and is normally found carrying a cane possibly to support his, unnatural to foxes, bipedal walking posture.


Mr. Tod's Gallery


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