Mr McGregor

Mr. McGregor is a main human antagonist from Peter Rabbit (TV Series). Mr. McGregor is the enemy of Peter Rabbit and his friends, he hates that the three always break into his garden and steal/eats his fruits and vegetables. He lives in a farm house in the forest with his cat. So far his face is never shown on the series. He is voiced by Dave Mitchell.


Mr. McGregor seems to be a very mean, bitter old man who seems to like to keep to himself.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Mr. McGregor's Gallery


  • They have not shown his face so it is unknown what he fully looks like.
  • In the books he has a wife but the show has not mentioned Mrs. McGregor, so it is unknown if he is married on the show or not.
  • At times he is not very nice to his cat.

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