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Mopsy is Flopsy Rabbit's 10-year-old Twin Sister, Peter Rabbit, Cotton-Tail Rabbit's Older Sister, daughter of Mrs. Josephine Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny's Cousin, and Mr. Bouncer's niece. Mopsy is voiced by Megan Harvey.


Mopsy wears a nice pretty white dress with beautiful red flowers on it and she's a rabbit but she's very kind to her twin sister, Flopsy and their little sister, Cotton-Tail in the burrow

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mopsy Rabbit is a female rabbit with brown fur and golden eyes, she wears a white dress with red flowers on it.



Mrs. Josephine RabbitEdit

Mrs. Josephine Rabbit has a very similar relationship with their mother as Flopsy & Mopsy do. Mrs. Josephine helps Flopsy & Mopsy whenever she needed them to whether it is around the rabbit family burrow, cooking and also taking care of their little sister, Cotton-Tail in the burrow in the tale of the dash in the dark episode.

Flopsy RabbitEdit

Flopsy Rabbit is Mopsy's twin sister, they are seen doing everything together and they both like to knit together paint together and also like taking care of their little sister, Cotton-Tail and be in control and comfort in Cotton-Tail's tooth episode.

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Peter RabbitEdit

Just like her twin sister Flopsy & Mopsy doesn't seem to have a very close relationship with their brother Peter. Although just like her twin sister she does care about Peter whenever he is in trouble and he can also be protective of her whenever she is in danger and wish to help Cotton-Tail in the tale of the dash in the dark episode.

Cotton-Tail Rabbit is Flopsy Mopsy & Peter's little 2 year old sister and Benjamin's cousinEdit


Mopsy Rabbit's Gallery


  • Her favorite pie is mix berries. She can sing on key in the tale of the dash in the dark episode

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