Lily Bobtail (born: 19 March 2008) is Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny's Friend. She is a daughter Of Dr. Bobtail and Mrs. Bobtail. Lily is voiced by Michaela Dean.


Lily is very smart rabbit, due to her passion for reading books, and has a thirst for knowledge, and curiosity. She is very adventurous, brave, kind, caring and loyal. She also pays attention to details that others miss, and always is prepare for whatever is to come Lily her way in her "just in case pocket". In the first episode Lily said that she had a photographic memory, which has also helped the three on adventures.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lily is an extremely cute and adorable light gray, and white bunny with blue eyes, and is always wearing a pink dress that has her "Just in case pocket" which is a lighter pink with a pink flower on it. Over her dress she has a pink coat with purple flower buttons on the right side of her dress. Over her head she has a pink flower headband on.


  1. Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale
  2. The Tale of the Radish Robber/The Tale of Two Enemies
  3. The Tale of Benjamin's Strawberry Raid/The Tale of the Lying Fox
  4. The Tale of the Greedy Fox/The Tale of the Secret Treehouse
  5. The Tale of the Angry Cat/The Tale of Mr. Tod's Trap
  6. The Tale of Nutkin on the Run/The Tale of the Wriggly Worms
  7. The Tale of Jemima's Egg/The Tale of the Great Breakout
  8. The Tale of the Lucky Four Leaf Clover/The Tale of the Unguarded Garden
  9. The Tale of the Start of Spring 
  10. The Tale of the Big Move/The Tale of the lost Tunnels
  11. The Tale of the Dash in the Dark/The Tale of the Grumpy Owl
  12. The Tale of Nutkin's New Home/The Tale of Cotton-Tail's School Day
  13. The Tale of Cotton-Tail's Daycare/The Tale of What Happen to Peter's Father
  14. The Tale of Lily's Lost Gift/The Tale of Benjamin's Giant Sunflower Weed
  15. The Tale of the Missing Halloween Treats/The Tale of the Halloween Candy Factory



Parents: Lily has a great relationship with her parents, but they seem to worry a lot about their daughter due to the dangers in her adventures with her friends


Peter RabbitEdit

Peter and Lily are a couple and will always try to protect each other when they go on an adventure. When the two first met Peter did not like Lily that much, even though she had a huge crush on him and kept calling him cute. After their adventure, Peter started to harbor feelings for Lily and told his mom that she was his girlfriend.

Also See: Pily (Peter & Lily)

Benjamin BunnyEdit

Just like Peter, Lily is best friends with Benjamin, but he liked her from the beginning, even thought that Peter didn't.

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Cotton-Tail Rabbit

Lily is best friends with Cotton-Tail's big brother Peter, but the two are still close to each other. When ever Cotton-Tail follow her big brother and his friends on an adventure Lily will look after her and make sure she stays safe and doesn't get in trouble. Since Lily doesn't have any brothers or sisters, she sees Cotton-Tail as a little sister.

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  • Lily is a new character that was just created, and the only one of the three that wasn't in the books like Peter and Benjamin.
  • Out of all of the juvenile rabbits in the trio, Lily is the only one to be a female (not including Flopsy, Mopsy, or Cottontail), not be a part of Peter's family, not to be brown in fur color, or to have both parents alive.

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