Cotton-Tail Rabbit and Shrew have a one-sided friendship. Cotton-Tail loves shrew and thinks he's cute, while Shrew thinks Cotton-Tail is annoying and at many times is scared of her due to the fact that she is always hugging him. But in secret, he is in love with Cotton-tail, but feels frustrated because she is oblivious to it.

Other Names Edit

  • The princess of affection ( Shrew's nickname for Cotton-Tail )
  • Sweet sugar flower ( Referred to Cotton-Tail by Shrew )
  • My future queen ( Cotton-Tail's affectionate nickname from Shrew )
  • My adorable prince ( Cotton-Tail's nickname for Shrew )


Similarities and DifferencesEdit


  • Both are small animals

Differences Edit

  • Cotton-Tail is a rabbit and Shrew isn't
  • Cotton-Tail is a girl and Shrew is a boy

Gallery Edit

Cotton-Tail and Shrew's Gallery

Trivia Edit

  • In the series, It has been proven that Cotton-Tail returns Shrew's affection.
  • The reason that Shrew loves Cotton-Tail is because she acts exactly like his mother before a viscous bear ate her, so maybe that could be the reason why he is alone all the time and harbors feeling for her.

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