Benjamin Bunny
Vital statistics
Position Assistant
Age 6
Status Scaredy-Cat
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight 1-30 pounds
Catchphrase Rabbits are brave, Rabbits are brave
I'm so hungry and there goes my tummy alarm! Oh this is bad this is very very very bad with the extra helping of uh-oh.

Benjamin Bunny is Peter Rabbit's younger cousin and Best Friend. Plus Lily Bobtail's best friend. He lives with his dad who is an inventor. He is voiced by Peter Steve Harris. He's a bunny

Personaliy Edit

Even though at times Benjamin seem scared and frightened at everything, he is really brave when he wants to be. He is also very loyal, kind hearted, and very funny, even a bit clumsy at times.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A 6-year-old boy bunny with brow fur. He has dark brown eyes and a dark brown jacket. He wears a dark green winter hat as well during the adventures.


Benjamin is six years old a very fast digger, which helps him out in hide and seek, and at one time was the only thing he could do better than Peter. Plus he always seems to know which of his dad's inventions can help him and his friends out when there in trouble.

List of ApperancesEdit

Season 1

  1. Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale
  2. The Tale of the Radish Robber/The Tale of Two Enemies
  3. The Tale of Benjamin's Strawberry Raid/The Tale of the Lying Fox
  4. The Tale of the Greddy Fox/The Tale of the Secret Treehouse
  5. The Tale of the Angry Cat/The Tale of Mr. Tod's Trap
  6. The Tale of Nutkin on the Run/The Tale of the Wriggly Worms
  7. The Tale of Jemia's Egg/The Tale of the Great Breakout
  8. The Tale of the Lucky Four Leaf Clover/The Tale of the Unguarded Garden
  9. The Tale of the Start of Spring
  10. The Tale of the Big Move/The Tale of the Lost Tunnels
  11. The Tale of the Dash in the Dark/The Tale of the Grumpy Owl
  12. The Tale of the Down Hill Escape/The Tale of the Cat and the Rat
  13. The Tale of the Mother's Day Pie/The Tale of the Mystery Plum Thief
  14. The Tale of the Hazelnut Raid/The Tale of the Broken Bed
  15. The Tale of the Hero Rabbit/The Tale of the Falling Rock
  16. The Tale of the One That Got Away/The Tale of Cotton-tail's New Friend
  17. The Tale of the Runaway Kites/The Tale of the Suprising Sisters
  18. The Tale of the Giant Pumpkin/The Tale of the Fierce Bad Rabbit



Peter RabbitEdit

Peter and Benjamin are cousin but also best friends with each other. They always go on adventures with one another, but Peter is more outgoing than Benjamin is. Benjamin mostly follows Peter's lead and goes wherever Peter does.

Also See: Peter and Benjamin

Benjamin Bunny

Benjamin and Cotton-Tail are cousins due to their father's being brothers. Benjamin will often look after Cotton-Tail when ever she with Peter, Lily and him on one of their adventures. If the two get into trouble Benjamin will make sure that she stays safe.

Also See: Benjamin and Cotton-Tail


Lily BobtailEdit

Just like Peter, Lily is best friends with Benjamin, but he liked her from the beginning, even thought that Peter didn't.

Also See: Benjamin and Lily


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